Meet the Staff: Adivela Kabaita, Cleaner

Adivela is Katoke through and through. She was born not too far away in Kagoma and has lived near KLSS in Katoke village for most of her life. She was not left alone with the passing of her husband 3 years ago, sharing her home with her 2 sons, her daughter and 3 grandchildren. She was proud to advise us that one of her children was a student at KLSS, in the first batch of students to move through the forms, and now works in Agriculture.

Adivela came to KLSS in 2010 when she was hired by the Moir’s to work as a cleaner. She has happily worked away in her role since, ensuring the students have clean and sanitary bathroom facilities. A vital role in the health and welfare at KLSS and in affect the wider community. Her subtly-muscular arms and healthy lifestyle are attributed to her daily walk to KLSS, around 30 minutes, and the physical nature of her daily duties.

What are the best things about working at KLSS ?
Like many of her colleagues she is simply satisfied with the opportunity to have a job. Providing for her family and being part of a supportive and friendly community is enough to keep up the plentiful supply of brilliant smiles she offers to everyone around her, everyday.

What are the biggest challenges for you ?
Making ends meet. Although her employment has been consistent for 8 years, Adivela expressed the insecurity of her casual employment arrangement. It has been challenging to her and many families in her community as general living costs go up and while the average Tanzanian wage has not followed suit for at least 3 years. She has heard on the grapevine there will be some improvements soon, but cited a lack of industrial authority and support as a challenge when seeking information. She knows these are larger, nationally relevant issues but would like to see reform for her entire community.

What are your dreams for the future ?
Adivela is approaching retirement age, her dream for the future is simply to have a nice home to enjoy retirement and being a full-time grandmother. This dream is still somewhat out of reach, but she is continuing to work hard everyday confident it will happen, one day.

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