Our Story

Founded by Dr Alan Watson in 1998, the Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid is funding and supporting a sustained, multipronged attack on extreme poverty in the Katoke area of Tanzania. The Trust is a grass-roots Christian organisation that provides aid for people irrespective of their race, colour or religion. Administered and run by a passionate group of volunteers in Sydney, Australia, the Trust projects are cost efficient and delivery- effective with virtually 100% of proceeds going directly to the Trust’s projects in Tanzania.

Education is the most sustainable form of aid and is the cornerstone of our work. The major project, the secondary school, is meeting the great need for secondary education in Tanzania where less than a third of children had access to an education beyond primary school.

The Trust partners with the local community and churches, especially with the Anglican Church, which owns the 804 acre Katoke site where the secondary school is located. Through building strong local partnerships, the Trust seeks to prepare local people to take charge of their own development. Our aim is to build leaders who will be able to take initiative and ensure the sustainability of projects.

How we’re different

Cost effective – Being a small, grass-roots organization run entirely by volunteers virtually 100% of the money raised through donations goes straight back into the community projects that the Katoke Trust supports on the ground.

Effective delivery – Our principle activities are focused in north-western Tanzania which is peaceful and largely free of political unrest.

Strong local partnerships – We plan and act in partnership with the local community, government officials and community leaders.

Hand up not a hand out – We believe in the power of education and it underpins every project we support. This is because education is the most sustainable form of aid as it empowers locals to take hold of their own future.

The money that you give, is making a real difference to those doing it tough in Tanzania.


  • Completion and ongoing support of the Katoke Medical centre (6 bed ward) with its outreach programs.
  • Implementation of an effective anti-malaria education project in 14 villages around Katoke and distribution of approximately 20,000 mosquito nets reducing the annual incidence of malaria from 62% to 12%. Educating communities on malaria and the importance of using the nets, rather than just distributing nets, boosts the effectiveness of our program.
  • We have conducted an annual HIV/AIDS prevention program focusing on the education of youth in schools, nearby villages and the Katoke Teachers College. Continue reading “Care”


  • Completion of Stage I and 2 of Katoke Secondary School. In 2015, we had 470 students and 20 teachers. We are seeking to educate a further 40-50 students each year.
  • Annual staff development and leadership courses for staff from surrounding schools and colleges.
  • Awarding of 20 annual scholarships for further study to College lecturers and local teachers.
  • The school’s first form 4 graduates in 2012 performed in the top 12% of the nation, out of more than 4000 schools across the country. In successive years, results for the school on national exams have been in the top 9%.  In the large area that includes Katoke (mainly rural) the school has been consistently placed third of 46 schools in national exams.

Continue reading “Educate”


  • Implementation of a vanilla-growing project, providing an additional cash crop to coffee. As part of this project we facilitated and funded the establishment of 22 demonstration plots over a 50 kilometre radius from Katoke. Farmer take-up is now starting to provide income for local communities.
  • We have assisted widows and orphans to grow pineapple and other crops and assisted them to sell produce at local markets.
  • We have sponsored other crops including an improved variety of palm oil.
  • Establishment of a Handcrafts Training Production Centre to train women and youth in hand skills.