The story of Anivea Derickson, 2018 graduate

Anivea has achieved her dream of a university degree. She writes passionately to Trust supporters; a letter of thanks, of praise of God and a plea, “Please”, she says, “don’t get tired of shaping young generations’ futures.” Anivea Derickson was sponsored throughout her six years at KLSS and says she is very honoured to be among the Katoke family. “Thank you for teaching me to live in God’s ways. I dedicate this degree to you, ” she writes.

Her degree is in Human Resources Management, and as she waits for employment is volunteering at KLSS. She sees this work as giving back to the school which gave so much to her.

Anivea is from the village of Magarta and her father is an Anglican evangelist. As with most evangelists, the family has a very small income. They depend on produce from their shamba, mainly bananas and coffee. Despite such limited resources these remarkable parents, with six children of their own, have also raised many orphans. One, Happiness Respikius, obtained a Bachelor of Education, another is Moses Derickson, who as a baby was thrown into a river, hence his name. Fortunately he was saved and brought to this Christian family.

At school, as Anivea made contact with her sponsor, she continued praising God, while acknowledging the difficult times lived through in her district, from drought to an earthquake. But by May 2018 she was writing about her final year graduation, a joyful time of dancing and singing.  This gracious young woman, now equipped to help her community, never stops saying thank you for her opportunities, and praising God. She looks forward to her life with God’s leading, and hopefully, can inspire other young people.

Her degree was achieved with financial support from The Bright Futures Loan Scheme that gives assistance to many KLSS students for tertiary studies.

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