Our Mission and Vision

The Trust is an interdenominational Christian organisation that subscribes to the historic creeds and provides aid for people irrespective of their race, colour or religion.


Our mission is to build healthier and better-educated communities in north-western Tanzania by equipping individuals caught in the poverty trap of subsistence living, to take charge of, and continue their own development.


Our vision is to provide high quality Christian Education at minimal cost to the community of Katoke, the local district, and Tanzania generally.

Major Objectives

  1. Partnership – Identify needs, through interaction with the local community and their leaders as well as in consultation with government agencies and other institutions.
  2. Fundraising – Raise funds to finance projects to address these needs, by direct donations from supporters, by special events and approaches to government or private funding agencies.
  3. Recruit and brief suitable volunteers to work in Tanzania.
  4. Capacity building – Educate Tanzanians into professions and trades and in specific areas such as management and leadership.
  5. Communicate with stakeholders – Communicate effectively about emerging needs and progress.