Strategic Masterplan

In a survey conducted at the end of 2017, students and staff at the Katoke Lweru School were asked to identify their main needs and their wishes and dreams for the school.

Both students and staff expressed their appreciation of the facilities available to them – privileges which most Australians would take for granted, including school classrooms, the provision of clean water, electricity and teacher accommodation. The quality of teaching and the Christian ethos of the school were also highly commended.

As the school grows, however, we urgently need to improve the maintenance, number and quality of our facilities. Priorities of the Katoke School Executive Committee are to establish an English Medium co-educational primary school, extend the Dining Hall, build a proper medical clinic/infirmary, build new boarding facilities in line with a cottage system philosophy, plan staff accommodation in the context of boarding responsibilities, fund a school bus and expand the school curriculum to include practical courses such as Agriculture.

Further areas of need identified by the school community include a sports facilities, an assembly hall, an improved canteen, computer/IT provision, and more recreational areas and activities.

We are currently in the process of analysing survey responses in relation to funding and project constraints, as the basis for the 2018 KLSS Master Plan. Headmaster Ken Langford-Smith writes that this will be ‘a living document that will change with the School’s needs as it grows, but which has been determined by the local community.’