Our people come from all walks of life and are the energy and soul behind our organisation. Our volunteers keep the lights on at Katoke. They organise our fundraising events, update our website, provide finance support, build our schools and teach our students. We are very grateful for their ongoing support.

 Volunteer in Tanzania

We are looking for skilled volunteers, in particular Medical professionals, IT specialists and Builders to support us on site at the Katoke Lweru Secondary School.

For expressions of interest please contact:

Ken Langford-Smith, Headmaster
Ph: +255 0742 255 374
Email: kenls@bigpond.com

Volunteer in Australia

We are looking for volunteers to

  • Join our sub-committees
  • Join our working parties for major events and projects
  • Run your own private event or participate in public events (e.g. fun runs) in support of the Katoke Trust
  • Assist with administration of sponsorships, donations and communications with our supporter base
  • Offer experience and expertise in certain areas.

For further details, please contact:

Associate Professor Alan Watson, President
Phone: 02 9524 0268
Mobile: 0422 225 556
Email: a.watson@unsw.edu.au

Adrian Jackson, Treasurer
Phone: 02 9524 9059
Mobile: 0409 032 893
Email: adrianjackson3@bigpond.com


Sam Jones is one of the many volunteers making a difference in Katoke