Our people come from all walks of life and are the energy and soul behind our organisation. Our volunteers keep the lights on at Katoke. They organise our fundraising events, update our website, provide finance support, build our schools and teach our students. We are very grateful for their ongoing support.

 In Tanzania

Would you like to help out on the ground in Tanzania? We are looking for volunteers to lend a hand in Katoke Tanzania.

So that we can continue our building program we are urgently looking for people who would consider taking on a volunteer role at Katoke-Lweru Secondary School:

  • School Director/Senior Educator.   An experienced educator is sought to work with the Head towards the transfer of leadership from Australian to Tanzanian hands and to sustain the strong educational program of the school. A well-qualified, committed Christian educator with considerable experience, as well as administrative and people management skills is needed –  a person who can identify, train and support promising Tanzanians for leadership roles. The experience is guaranteed to be challenging but professionally rewarding and life-changing. The appointment with allowances is desirably for two or three years to begin sometime in 2017
  • IT Specialist.   The School is extending its IT program for teachers and students.  It needs a short term volunteer to load operating systems and to set up a web server, wi-fi and internet. Adaptability to a different culture is needed.  Desirable: Knowledge of Microsoft Windows 8 and 10 desktop, Windows 2012 server. Three month volunteer position. To begin as soon as possible.
  • IT Manager.    A volunteer IT Manager to oversee the wider application of the IT program to staff and students is sought.  Flexibility as well as administrative and people- management skills are needed.  The situation requires a person who understands the need to identify, train and support promising Tanzanians for IT work. The experience is guaranteed to be challenging but professionally rewarding and life-changing. The appointment with allowances is desirably for two to three years to begin sometime in 2017.
  • Sponsorship coordinator. A volunteer to liaise with the Australian coordinator to link Australian sponsors and Tanzanian students is sought. Requirements: Interpersonal and administrative skills, flexibility to adapt in a different culture. Two year appointment to begin in 2017.
  • Expatriate builders/carpenters/ foremen: required to oversee building construction. No actual building work is required by expatriates however expatriates fulfil a necessary role in teaching new skills to the local site workers, co-ordinating the building program and financial control, and helping to improve occupational health and safety measures at the building site.

Experience required: Building volunteers could have experience in the following areas:

– Project managers who have managed multidisciplinary contracts.

– Contract builder with experience in working with teams of tradesman.

Priority projects: The next  building projects that we are seeking help for are; new staff flats, Boys and Girls Dormitories. The new staff flats block will include 4 X 2 bedroom flats. Dormitories will accommodate 72 boys or girls and include toilets, showers, a laundry etc.

Language: An interpreter will be made available to translate from English to the local language.

Time commitment: A minimum of 1 month to 3 months is preferred.

  • Teacher volunteers in many subjects, especially in Physics and Mathematics to act as mentors for local Tanzanian staff.  To begin 2017.  For three months or longer.

Expressions of interest: 

Associate Professor Alan Watson, President

H| 02 9524 0268

M| 0422 225 556

E|  a.watson@unsw.edu.au


Adrian Jackson, Treasurer,

H| 02 9524 9059

M| 0409 032 893

E| adrianjackson3@bigpond.com


In Australia

We are always looking for more volunteers to:

  • Join our sub-committees
  • Join our working parties for major events and projects
  • Run your own private event or participate in public events (e.g. fun runs) in support of the Katoke Trust
  • Assist with administration of sponsorships, donations and communications with our supporter base
  • Offer experience and expertise in certain areas.

For further details, please contact info@katoke.com.au or contact Alan or Adrian (details above).


Sam Jones is one of the many volunteers making a difference in Katoke. This is his story.