Katoke Lweru Secondary School

Education is the most sustainable form of aid and underpins all of our projects in Tanzania.

About the Katoke-Lweru Secondary School

The Katoke-Lweru Secondary School (KLSS) is located close to the western shores of Lake Victoria in the picturesque Katoke area of the Kagera Region of northwestern Tanzania.

KLSS opened in April 2009 and currently has some 460 students enrolled from Forms 1-6.  About 440 students board on-site with the remainder coming daily from local villages.  The inaugural senior level started in July 2014 with a total of 50 students in Form 5 (Year 11). The first senior students graduated in June 2016 in a country where only a very small fraction proceeds past Form 4.

A master building plan is being implemented in stages and managed by visiting volunteer builders. The School today has 13 general classrooms, three science laboratories, a computer laboratory, library and administrative centre.  Students are boarded in 4 large dormitories and staff in 2 staff quarters blocks. In addition there is a Head of School house, visitor and   guest accommodation. A new temporary kitchen, boys dormitory and additional staff quarters have recently been completed. The school is expected to grow over the next few years to have a student population of 600.

KLSS plays a significant role in the education of the area. It has been established as a Lighthouse School to also support quality teaching and learning in surrounding schools. Teachers from 20 local schools are invited to KLSS for professional workshops each year.

The School’s motto, “Strive for the goal” (Philippians 3:14) encourages students, staff and volunteers to seek excellence in learning and teaching to become the people God made them to be.  The school seeks to nurture boys and girls to be “educated contributors and leaders for tomorrow” in all spheres of life.

The Staff

We have 20+ full time and 7 part time teachers, plus administration, library and boarding staff. Our current Head of School is Ken Langford-Smith, who took over from Rowena Bragg in late 2017. Ken is very ably supported by an African leadership team comprising Mr Lameck Kassano (Deputy Head), Mr Charles Kayanda (Discipline Master), Mr Yuda Lugona (Academic O-level coordinator),  Mr John Bisagaya (Coordinator of Student Activities) and Pastor Enock Rweyemamu (Chaplain).

School Life

Students begin lessons each day after their 7.45am assembly and generally have 10 x 40-minute subject periods each day with a 2-hour prep time after dinner each evening. Form 1-4 (O-Level) subjects include English, Basic and Additional Mathematics, Geography, History, Kiswahili, Civics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Religious Studies.

KLSS needs to function with a high degree of infrastructure independence. It has its own water supply, emergency diesel power, sewerage and waste systems, which require regular monitoring and maintenance. The nearest major town is a 100km round-trip, requiring careful planning to ensure there are adequate on-site supplies of food, household items and school consumable resources.

KLSS is evolving a culture that embraces a high quality teaching and learning environment nurturing excellence, leadership, teamwork and compassion. KLSS has already developed an enviable reputation for excellent academic results across the full range of student abilities.  In national examinations it has been placed 3rd out of 46 schools in the district and in the top 9% of the nation in forms 2 and 4. Graduating students are becoming known for their strong work ethic, high standards and trustworthiness. They aspire to additional post-school skills and vocations that will advance the nation of Tanzania.

The School Board and the Katoke Trust are aware that there is still much to be done and achieved but we praise God our Heavenly Father for his bountiful provision in enabling the school to be where it is today since opening in 2009.

To learn more about the development of the school, visit our History page.