Sponsor a Student

At the Katoke-Lweru Secondary School, students are taught by highly qualified and dedicated teachers. They can access a well-stocked library, science laboratories and computer facilities that are rarely provided at other local schools. For the cost of $110/month, you can provide a student with a quality education, books, uniforms, accommodation, nutritious meals, and clean water. We also offer half sponsorship rates at $55/month.

Sponsor a student by completing the form linked here: Katoke Student Sponsorship Form

2023 Update

There are 98 half sponsorships and 207 full sponsorships at Katoke Lweru secondary school.

Unfortunately, we still have 11 students waiting for help. Sponsorships needed 3 half and 8 full.

The longer these students wait, the further behind they fall with their studies.

Many student’s family situations change during the year, which cause them to suddenly require help with their school fees. Some students have deaths or sudden illness in the family, others are orphans with no help, and some are abandoned, and they can no longer pay for their school fees.

The Katoke Trust is committed to trying to find new sponsors and fund these students.

Sponsors make education accessible for children who can’t afford it. They play a critical role in lifting families and communities out of poverty.

Interested in sponsoring a student

If you are ready complete the form linked here: Katoke Student Sponsorship Form and email it to sponsorship@katoke.com.au. It can also be posted to: Attention Sponsorship – Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid, PO Box 895, Gymea, NSW 2227

Upon receipt of the form a member of the sponsorship committee will contact you with details of your new sponsored student.

If you are intersted but need more information we have Lee, who will happily help you. The Katoke Trust is not a mega organisation, it is real people helping others. Lee King has been a volunteer in charge of sponsorship for a decade. She has visited Katoke many times and knows the people and problems. The successes make it all worth it.

Please contact Lee at sponsorship@katoke.com.au or phone 0408 535 687 or (02) 4294 1114

If you are not ready for sponsorship then a general donation is also very welcome. https://katoke.com.au/donate/

Why do students need sponsorship?
In 2015, the Government of Tanzania abolished all school fees at the Secondary level. This policy was in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4: to ensure that all girls and boys complete free, equitable and quality primary and secondary education. However, many families in the Katoke area are still unable to afford to send their children to school. This is due to the associated costs of transport, uniforms, books, stationery and examination fees. In some schools, it is only the lucky few who can even afford a basic porridge meal for lunch. Read stories from our students

What communication will I have with my sponsor student?
Sponsors receive personal letters, school reports and photos to keep you updated on the progress of your student. You are welcome to write back to your sponsor student too! If you plan to visit Tanzania you are welcome to visit your student at the Katoke school. Please contact the school administration in advance to arrange a visit.

Education is the most sustainable form of aid because it empowers children to take hold of their own future. Hundreds of students have received the priceless gift of education because people like you have said ‘I can help’.

How are students selected for sponsorship?
What are the best ways I can communicate with my sponsored student?
What are my payment options for sponsorship?

For any further inquiries, please contact Lee King at sponsorship@katoke.com.au or phone 0408 535 687 (02) 4294 1114