Lithgow to Bathurst Cycle

Overview Riding through some of the best countryside NSW has to offer – this ride is all about challenging yourself whilst raising money to help people in need…. both here and abroad. Here: Its been a tough year for us all, but its been particularly hard for those living in rural NSW. They have suffered from … Continue reading Lithgow to Bathurst Cycle

Ks for Katoke

Are you up for the challenge? The majority of Katoke-Lweru Secondary School (KLSS) students live on-site but some travel each day from local villages. In June we challenge you to take the journey to school alongside the KLSS students and help us RAISE $50,000 so that we can continue to provide children with the priceless … Continue reading Ks for Katoke

Beathi Benedax, 25, KLSS and university graduate is poised to change the world.

Her ambitious plans, to establish an NGO to  “eradicate ignorance” in Tanzania and her dream of being a significant national leader, could sound fanciful. But she has already set some things in place. Her lofty ambitions are combined with an already successful career in singing, leadership and public speaking. Her six years at KLSS had … Continue reading Beathi Benedax, 25, KLSS and university graduate is poised to change the world.

Construction of Girl’s Dorm

When it rains it pours. There has been a late rainy season in Tanzania this year.  This has been welcomed by the farmers of the district still recovering from last year’s drought. However it has caused some delays with getting the construction of the Girl’s dorm underway. Kevin has also found himself needing to source … Continue reading Construction of Girl’s Dorm