Ks for Katoke

It is that time of year again for our supporters to get out and move (or encourage someone via you donation) to support the Katoke Trust. The rules are simple Go to ksforkatoke.com.au register or donate (or both). Encourage sponsors to help encourage you In June log you km (walk, run, ride, swim, hop, you … Continue reading Ks for Katoke

25th Annual Dinner 2024

Announcing the date for the annual dinner. Friday the 1st of November 2024. More information will be made available closer to the event. Please mark it in your calendar.

24th Annual Dinner 2023

Dennis McHugh President of Tradies generously donating $10,000 to the Katoke Trust We had a very enjoyable and informative 24th Annual Dinner at Tradies Gymea on Friday the 3rd of November. 220 guests attended with almost $40,000 raised which allows for the stage 1 of the assemble area and 6 student sponsorships. A highlight of … Continue reading 24th Annual Dinner 2023

Annual Dinner 2023

The Katoke Trust Annual Dinner.

Click on the image for info and booking.
https://events.humanitix.com/the-annual-katoke-trust-dinner-2023   <<<< Direct link is here Katoke Trust invites you to gather together to support the community of Katoke. Join us as we invest in the future of the Katoke Trust, share a delicious meal, and celebrate all that has been done so far for Katoke - and plan for what is still to come. We need your help to raise much-needed funds for the year’s work ahead. The Katoke Trust is a voluntary, grassroots organisation with big goals. We want to invest in the present and future of the Katoke community in Tanzania. Together we can continue building a sustainable, multifaceted charge against poverty. With the help of Katoke’s generous supporter base and the Anglican Church in Tanzania, the trust helps to build a future for over 450 students every year. We would love to see you there! BOOKINGS CLOSE 27TH OCTOBER, 2023 For more info contact Holly using mail:EVENTS@KATOKE.COM.AU

Tour for Tanzania Bike Ride 2023

TOUR FOR TANZANIA Pedal With Purpose Join the Katoke Trust Cycling Team as we conquer the Bowral Classic. As you pedal through picturesque landscapes and challenging terrains, you won’t just be conquering personal goals; you’ll also be changing lives. By participating in this awesome event, you’ll raise vital funds to support the education of children … Continue reading Tour for Tanzania Bike Ride 2023

Form 5 Sponsorship Required

These two students urgently require a sponsor for their last two years of secondary education. They have made it through the form 4 exams and have been accepted for the final push. However their family circumstances will prevent this continuing. Onesmo Onesmo John is currently in Form 5 (equivalent to Year 11 in NSW) at … Continue reading Form 5 Sponsorship Required

Form one entrance exams 2023

Eager to join Katoke! Recently the school was flooded with eager standard seven students (Equivalent to Year 6 in NSW) to sit the entrance exam to join Katoke in 2024, for Form 1 their first year of secondary school. (equivalent to Year 7 in NSW.) As Katoke is now known as a light house school … Continue reading Form one entrance exams 2023

2023 Ukwata National Conference – Outstanding results and a great time

Sweet Success! Students from KLSS recently attended the Ukwata National Conference, representing the school in Bible Knowledge, Singing and Poetry. The Conference was held in Mbeya, which is more than 2000kms from the school. They travelled in a mini bus to and from the conference, funded by donations,  and competed against many students from around … Continue reading 2023 Ukwata National Conference – Outstanding results and a great time

Hydon (KLSS alumnus)

Hydon, 23, graduate of Katoke-Lweru Secondary School, is a young man who never gives up. Now at the end of second year of accountancy studies, his determination and perseverance define him. Nothing has been easy for Hydon. He attended Katoke-Lweru Secondary School in years 5 & 6, but was not sponsored, and a big part … Continue reading Hydon (KLSS alumnus)