Beathi Benedax, 25, KLSS and university graduate is poised to change the world.

Her ambitious plans, to establish an NGO to  “eradicate ignorance” in Tanzania and her dream of being a significant national leader, could sound fanciful. But she has already set some things in place.

Her lofty ambitions are combined with an already successful career in singing, leadership and public speaking.

Her six years at KLSS had a tough start, as she recalls crying in class each day for a week, when realising she could not understand teachers because she did not speak English. She had left her village and parents when young for primary education first, adapting to many changes and then came the challenge of high school .

She has strong, fond memories from KLSS, an exciting one being when Anna Moir told her she had sponsorship for her fees. Capping that excitement was a feeling of being special, when her Australian sponsor, Lloyd Dawe, visited the school and she proudly introduced him to fellow students.

Beathi is musical, a talented singer who wrote songs for the school choir, took part in Christian gatherings and eventually became school vice-captain.

She pays tribute to Sid Moir (first headmaster) and Marilyn Moir for establishing the concept of the school as one big family, and Beathi also thanks Rowena and Peter Bragg for their special support to the sixth form.

“ I realise that KLSS is the institution where I experienced transition and growth from a young girl to a young lady. By the time I left in 2016 I was very confident, systemic, focused, competent and sure of speaking and writing in English. KLSS was more than a school to me and my family, it’s a place where I realised my potential, ” she said.

Beathi decided on a degree in public administration at the University of Kampala , believing it can best utilise her abilitiy. As a young girl she admired and was inspired by the confidence of officials, the way they dressed, spoke and behaved.

At university she accepted leadership positions in student fellowship, as her courses ranged from economics, political science, administrative law and conflict resolution. While studying subjects  like urban planning, public relations and international relations she found she liked making presentations, and public speaking.

KLSS was so important to Beathi that she established an alumni organisation with about 200 members, which keeps former students in touch, uses their abilities in community projects and offers encouragement. As well, she is lead singer with a group called KIUT.  Future education plans include achieving a doctorate.

Beathi emphasises that knowledge is power, and she hopes to be influential, educated and godly, bringing change to peoples’ lives. In conclusion she writes: “I understand that me being at KLSS was a divine plan from the beginning and my degree is a perfect choice to use of all the potential in me.”

Whatever her future achievements, Beathi says ‘thank you’ to KLSS, and people willing to sponsor students, for giving them a future;  following a Christian life and serving their community.

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