Hydon (KLSS alumnus)

Hydon, 23, graduate of Katoke-Lweru Secondary School, is a young man who never gives up. Now at the end of second year of accountancy studies, his determination and perseverance define him. Nothing has been easy for Hydon.

He attended Katoke-Lweru Secondary School in years 5 & 6, but was not sponsored, and a big part of his day was walking the long distance to and from school. Studies at school were therefore made even more difficult for him, because of his home’s remoteness. Hydon is one of five children, of struggling parents, who themselves had only a primary education.

He graduated, and went on to study accountancy at Dodoma University. Marilyn Moir says; Hydon struggled through his first year at university. “He was leaning on struggling friends for basic needs, especially food. At least they received a partial government loan, but Hydon had not received any support. I felt the fact that he was still persevering with all odds stacked against him and had still managed to finish his first year made him worthy to apply for a Bright Futures loan. We were all thrilled that he was successful and that he is now able to show his real ability. “Hydon has recently finished his second year of Bachelor of Accountancy at Dodoma University. He has achieved high marks and has a certificate in debating. Another proud achievement is that he is president of the University Students Christian Fellowship.

For every accomplishment Hydon gives thanks to God. He sent his “sincere thanks for their help” to Marilyn and Sid Moir, for encouragement and support when he attended KLSS. Any challenges during his tertiary education have been met by hard work, and always acknowledged with thanks to God.

Now Hydon has financial help as a recipient of Bright Futures, a part of the Katoke Trust which provides sponsorship for tertiary students.

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