We made it! Lithgow to Bathurst 2020 Katoke ride

What a weekend! We rode through rain, hail and shine and to date we have raised over $15k to help give the priceless gift of education to children in Africa. Thanks for making it a weekend to remember.

This is how we rolled!
6am Saturday. The track was dry for our departure out of Lithgow. Our awesome road crew (Gil, Erika, Oki (Mike), Dave & Dorothy) got their amber disco lights ready and we hit the road. Group 1, led by Colin were our pioneers, our warriors, hitting the road first and ready for whatever mother nature had in store. We said we’d ride rain, hail or shine – but I’m not sure we ever expected all three. A pair of skis could have been more appropriate in some sections.  Group 2 led by Ryan found their form on Range Road climbing at pace to the summit – I think they could smell the coffee in Tarana.

We regrouped and re-fuelled in Tarana – home made snacks made by Sharon & Angela (Rogers wife and daughter) and Maddie went down an absolute treat. A quick team photo and we were on the road again.

The hills to the west of Tarana were short, sharp leg burners testing the riders endurance. Steve and Jason had made a tough call to join group 2. When Steve put on his homemade plastic (garbage bag) socks – you knew he meant business. Nicknames were dished out for Group 1 riders – Forrest (Andrew), Grace Kellie (Kellie), Woody and the Earl of Heathcoat (Earl)  were some of the group’s favourites. The sun returned briefly as we rode through green rolling pastures as far as the eye could see. The flat, fast run into Bathurst left some riders wanting more so they summited Mount Panorama for a quick selfie. The beers were well deserved at the end of the day. Jason takes home the best young rider jersey for his efforts on day 1. It’s an incredible achievement to ride 100km+. The legs were screaming, his determination to push through the pain barrier was an inspiration to us all.
On day 2 the riders rolled through the neutral zone and did a quick lap north of Bathurst before heading towards Tarana. There were a few steep descents on Sunday – riders were asked to ‘take it easy’ and were issued a speed warning. Ride organisers were surprised when they had to issue an additional speed warning to Chessy Scone (Rob Lawler). He took no regard for the gradient of the assents, climbing at pace to the top of each summit – he was awarded our King of the Mountains for day 2. Gil’s candy shop kept group 1 riders buzzing (and their dentists employed) with over 875 snakes dished out to the riders.
Thank you 
The Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid started our journey more than 20 years ago with a vision to help a community in need. We wanted to care for the vulnerable by providing medical assistance and mosquito nets to prevent the spread of HIV and Malaria. The foundation of our work is to educate Tanzanian locals, because we believe this is the most sustainable form of aid. It empowers people to take hold of their own futures. Finally, we saw an opportunity to help farmers grow better, higher yielding crops so that they can support their families.

We’re been able to give thousands of people a hand up because people like you have said ‘I can help’.

We are so thankful for everyone who has participated in this year’s Tour for Tanzania – for helping us raise awareness and much needed funds for the people in Katoke. We look forward to you joining us on future Katoke rides.

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