24th Annual Dinner 2023

Dennis McHugh President of Tradies generously donating $10,000 to the Katoke Trust

We had a very enjoyable and informative 24th Annual Dinner at Tradies Gymea on Friday the 3rd of November. 220 guests attended with almost $40,000 raised which allows for the stage 1 of the assemble area and 6 student sponsorships.

A highlight of the evening was Dennis McHugh President of Tradies, generously donating $10,000 to the Katoke Trust. Tradies has been a long term sponsor of the trust. To date, 24 Dinners have been hosted by Tradies.

The M.C. Josiah Ninet, interviewed the heads of the sub-committees of the Katoke Trust:  Education – Ross Cusworth, Finance – Adrian Jackson on behalf of Tim McAleer, Medical and Care – Dr Colin Glendinning, Youth Ambassador – Liz Heard, Communications and Fundraising – Grant Underwood, Sponsorship – Lee King, Engaruka School – Prof Jonathan Morris.  (The Building Committee Chair, Phil Butcher, was an apology) Each head was asked to tell of one achievement of the past 12 months and something ahead of their committee in the coming year. The many activities of the Trust in Tanzania were mentioned, including professional workshops for teachers, building classrooms, ensuring good nutrition, enrolling the first students at Engaruka. 

The trust’s patron Mark Speakman (MP for Cronulla) and the trust’s president Alan Watson gave moving speeches.

Dinner organisers, Holly and Josiah Binet are congratulated for their commitment and hard work to organise such a great event.

Thanks also to Danebank and Trinity students and teachers who came along to help with logistics.

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