STEP 1 – Visit and select “Start fundraising” link in top right-hand side of home page  

STEP 2- Select “Charity” for “Who are your fundraising for?” and  search “Katoke Trust”. Select Katoke, and than hit green “Next” button

STEP 3 – Enter the details of your fundraising page include name, fundraising target, dates (suggest you keep your page open for a couple of weeks post ride), and a brief story on Katoke/ why you are participating

Possible brief story

I’m riding in this year’s Tour for Tanzania raising funds to educate students in Katoke, Tanzania – a remote part of one of the poorest nations in the world.

I will be riding over 200km and climbing more than 3000m of elevation in one weekend from Lithgow to Bathurst return.  I’ll be spending the next few weeks in training to prepare myself and I’d love for you to consider donating to support me and this important cause.

The Katoke Trust for Overseas Aid is a small non-for-profit organisation supporting a sustained, multipronged attack on extreme poverty in the Katoke area of Tanzania. Education is the most sustainable form of aid and is the cornerstone of our work. The major project, the secondary school, is meeting the great need for secondary education in Tanzania where less than a third of children had access to an education beyond primary school. We’ll be aiming raise enough money to send 20 children to secondary school in Tanzania.

For more information on the cause: visit

STEP 4 – Finish your page and share with friends, family and colleagues!