Ks for Katoke

Are you up for the challenge?

Each year the Katoke Trust lays down a challenge. Would you take the journey to school alongside the Katoke-Lweru Secondary School students each day? Over the past two years you have risen to that challenge and together we’ve travelled thousands of kilometres and raised around $200,000. These funds have helped to provide the vulnerable in Tanzania with education, assistance in farming and much needed medical care.

This year we are aiming to reach another ambitious goal!

  • 100 Registered to run, walk or ride;
  •  $100k Raised through generous donations; and
  • Thousands Reached with the precious gifts of education and health care

Will you help us by taking up the Ks4K challenge this June? 

How to get involved

  1. Participate in Ks for Katoke – Register …. then RUN, REACH & RAISE in June – more details below.
  2. Sponsor one of our Ks for Katoke Participants 
  3. Make a general donation to our end of financial year appeal

How to get involved
Register before the end of May…. then RUN, REACH & RAISE in June.

1. RUN

RUN, walk or get active in June
Set yourself a distance (km) or time target (mins).
How far are you going to run or walk in kilometres each day? You might choose to set a time target instead  – be active for 30 minutes a day.


REACH out to your friends and family, tell them about Katoke, your fundraising goal and ask them to sponsor you.


This financial year, we are looking for your help to reach our goal to RAISE fifty thousand dollars in order to continue to expand and maintain our current support for education in Tanzania. Already the Katoke Trust.

How you’ll be supporting kids in need

he Trust established the Katoke-Lweru Secondary School to meet the great need for secondary education in Tanzania and through your ongoing support we have educated over a thousand students in the last 12 years.  This year there are two key needs in the Katoke area which include sponsorship of 20 children who require financial support and raising the finances required to build essential staff housing.  The money donated through Ks for Katoke in 2022 will go towards these vital projects in Tanzania.

How much should you raise?

While we told you to be wise in setting an achievable Run/Walk/Ride goal for Ks4K, when it comes to donations we encourage you to be BOLD! If you don’t know where to start, 1 3 2 0 is a simple yet valuable goal. It costs $1,320 to provide one student with accommodation, food, health care and education at KLSS each year. $1,320 can change a life. Could you raise the funds to support a child this year? Or if you’re prepared to think big, could you raise the funds to support a child for the entirety of their secondary education? We believe you can.

What you need to do now

Head to ksforkatoke.com.au and REGISTER, set your goals and get active! Then, REACH OUT to your friends and family, encourage at least one person to join you in this challenge, and encourage the rest to support you as you RAISE funds for the Katoke Trust. 

Join us, as together, we help transform lives.