Signing up and pre-ride

  1. How much cycling experience do I need for this ride
    • Lithgow to Bathurst caters for a range of rider fitness levels with groups organised by average speeds between 19km and 30km an hour. These groups are approximately 10 riders in size.
    • If you are in doubt contact the ride organiser.
    • It is recommended that all riders should be able to complete an individual ride of at least 75km to 100km within the month prior to Lithgow to Bathurst.
  1. What is included in the event registration?
    • Breakfast on both mornings
    • BBQ lunch on both days
    • Snacks and water during the ride
    • Accommodation for 2 nights
  1. Do I need to raise funds on top of the event registration fee?
    • Yes, riders are asked to raise atleast $500 in addition to the entry fee. The sole purpose for every Katoke event is to raise funds and awareness for education and health projects to support communities in Tanzania. The event and charity are run 100% by volunteers who all give up their time to help ensure all ride proceeds go to projects directly on the ground in Katoke, Tanzania.

Logistics and pre-ride

  1. Check-in Friday night: What if I can’t make it to Lithgow by 9pm (check-in)
    • Contact Bowen Inn Hotel on 02 6352 5111 who will have a room list for all participants.
    • If you cannot reach the hotel, send Julian a message on 0422 808 833
  1. Dinner Friday night: What are the plans for Friday night?
    • If you plan to arrive in time for dinner, the dining room and bar at our Hotel has been reserved for our group from 6pm – 8.30pm
    • Please provide your meal choice and RSVP to the ride organiser by 15 October.
  1. Transport: How do I get to/from Lithgow?
    • A solid 2 hr car trip from Sydney depending on where you live. Allow for peak hour traffic.
    • There will be several people coming from the Sutherland Shire and Inner West who may be able to car share.
    • Train to/from Lithgow. Please advise ride organiser if you plan to go via train and plan to be on the train that arrives in Lithgow at 6.59pm. One of the participants will collect you from the station which is 5km from our accommodation.
  1. Parking: Can I leave my car somewhere safe on Friday & Saturday night?
    • Yes, safe parking has been arranged at Bowen Inn Hotel Lithgow
  1. Packing: What do I need to pack?

During the ride

  1. What happens if I have a problem with my bike during the ride?
    • A fellow rider in your riding group will assist with basic repairs like tube replacement. We’ll give the support crew a buzz if it is something more problematic.
    • We will have spare tubes, track pump, chain, bike wheels with our support crew.
    • If it can’t be fixed, there is one spare bike that can be ridden if you are the right size
    • If not, unfortunately we’ll get you to jump in a car with the support crew for the rest of the day’s ride.


  1. What happens if the route is too challenging for me?
    • Notify your riding group leader – you may be able to stop for a break to rest your legs to see if you can continue.
    • Your riding group leader will flag down a support crew and you can get a lift
  1. What happens if it rains?
  • Although riders safety is our main concern, Lithgow to Bathurst is an all weather event and will only be cancelled if rider safety will be compromised and/or an extreme weather alert is issued by the Department of Meteorology
  1. Will social distancing and other COVID considerations be made?
    • We’ll be riding in groups of 10-15 and no more than 2 abreast.
    • Support crews will be carrying hand sanitiser and ask each participant to bring their own as well.
    • We are staying at accommodation venues that have COVID measures in place.
    • We ask participants to follow all public health orders and rules established at venues/places we will visit enroute.