• Completion and ongoing support of the Katoke Medical centre (6 bed ward) with its outreach programs.
  • Implementation of an effective anti-malaria education project in 14 villages around Katoke and distribution of approximately 20,000 mosquito nets reducing the annual incidence of malaria from 62% to 12%. Educating communities on malaria and the importance of using the nets, rather than just distributing nets, boosts the effectiveness of our program.
  • We have conducted an annual HIV/AIDS prevention program focusing on the education of youth in schools, nearby villages and the Katoke Teachers College. Continue reading “Care”


  • Completion of Stage I and 2 of Katoke Secondary School. In 2015, we had 470 students and 20 teachers. We are seeking to educate a further 40-50 students each year.
  • Annual staff development and leadership courses for staff from surrounding schools and colleges.
  • Awarding of 20 annual scholarships for further study to College lecturers and local teachers.
  • The school’s first form 4 graduates in 2012 performed in the top 12% of the nation, out of more than 4000 schools across the country. In successive years, results for the school on national exams have been in the top 9%.  In the large area that includes Katoke (mainly rural) the school has been consistently placed third of 46 schools in national exams.

Continue reading “Educate”


  • Implementation of a vanilla-growing project, providing an additional cash crop to coffee. As part of this project we facilitated and funded the establishment of 22 demonstration plots over a 50 kilometre radius from Katoke. Farmer take-up is now starting to provide income for local communities.
  • We have assisted widows and orphans to grow pineapple and other crops and assisted them to sell produce at local markets.
  • We have sponsored other crops including an improved variety of palm oil.
  • Establishment of a Handcrafts Training Production Centre to train women and youth in hand skills.