Student Stories

Anderson, Giftanus and Bayon

 Sid and Marilyn have had a very busy and productive start to 2021, overseeing enrolments, sponsorship of students and scheduling of staff and initiatives for the coming year. Over the past few weeks Sid and Marilyn have had the joy of meeting many of their former students. They have been overwhelmed by the sense of gratitude that the ex-students express to those who have given them a hand up. Here’s an excerpt from Marilyn’s recent note;  

“Two young men, Anderson and Giftanus, both previously sponsored and now graduates from Universities, have volunteered to serve at the school in whatever capacity is most helpful, just as Beathi Benedax (another sponsored graduate) is already doing. The next day, Editha Henry, again formally sponsored and now a qualified nurse, arrived to replace Pelesia Cosmos who has commenced maternity leave. Yesterday Bayon Reuben, previously sponsored, and now graduated in Environmental Science came to greet us and will come next week as a volunteer to speak to the whole school as well as individual classes on the importance of caring for our environment as Christians and understanding our role as care-takers. Joventus Katunzi is now a Science teacher, and did a wonderful job as teacher on duty leading the assembly with warmth and enthusiasm”

PHOTO: Marilyn pictured with former sponsored students, Anderson Kushumbo and Giftanus Dionise, who have volunteered to serve the school in whatever capacity is most helpful. 

Emmanuel Kurwa

Life in rural Tanzania can be very tough at the best of times. however, when you happen to be an orphan without adult extended family, and with the added responsibility of younger family members to care for, the bar is raised even higher. Such was the case for Emmanuel who, at the age 23, had been carrying such a load of responsibility for many years on his young shoulders. Although a very bright boy, there had been no opportunity for education beyond primary school and a future of grinding poverty seemed to be the lot for him and his siblings. That is until Emmanuel heard of Katoke-Lweru Secondary School, where sponsorship from Australia was available, a first-class education was on offer and where he could begin to experience a level of emotional, material and spiritual support which as an orphan he had so greatly missed.

Emmanuel has now completed his secondary education and whilst at the school has thrived to become a leader of others and with his life’s goal oriented to help and serve other orphans as he has been helped. He is awaiting his academic results following completion of Form Six and his hope is to enter tertiary training so that he can be fully equipped to achieve his goal of service to others. Through sponsorship, Emmanuel’s life and the lives of his remaining family and wider community now holds hope for a much brighter future.

Education is truly a gift that keeps on giving and the most sustainable form of aid. We’ll continue to share these stories of hope throughout the year.