Shire doctor, dentist, optometrist and photographer visit Katoke.

In February 2019, Stephen Diakatos (Dentist) , Stephen Langshaw (Optometrist), David Lefcovitch (photographer/dental assistant) and Colin Glendinning (General Practitioner) visited Katoke.

Over the week, most of the Katoke school students plus some teachers and school staff were assessed by Steve (the dentist). He was very capably assisted by David who kept the students entertained with his jokes. Because of limited equipment, Steve could only extract teeth and by weeks end he had extracted 50 teeth. After the initial discomfort this brought great relief to many who had been in chronic pain.Steve (the optometrist or ‘Eye Steve’) assessed several hundred students and found 30 requiring spectacles. These will be sent over to the school in the near future.

Colin spent time in the school clinic mentoring the school nurse Emelitha and Pelisia who is a clinical officer. Colin was encouraged to see the improvement in the clinic since his last visit in 2017, which in its new setting now has two rooms and can cater for students who need to be observed overnight. The nurses now provide 24 hour care and this has resulted in far few students needing to go to hospital.

A copy of the school diet has been analysed by a dietitian and improvements will be made where possible.

We are very grateful to the Steves, Colin and David for their generosity in  taking time out of their busy practices and jobs to help these students.

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