The first ever published KLSS newsletter

A note from Writers club patron, Hon. Mr Benjamin Hosea Nyamugali: Welcome to the first intriguing, informative, edifying and educative newsletter from KLSS. To read more: KLSS publishes first school newsletter

Katoke wrap-up 2017

IT’S BEEN A FANTASTIC YEAR This year with your help we have continued our life‐changing work in Katoke, Tanzania. We have given the priceless gift of education to an increasing number of Tanzanian children and enjoyed the sustained academic success of our 2016 students and staff. In addition, we have expanded our agricultural efforts getting us … Continue reading Katoke wrap-up 2017

20th Katoke Annual Benefit Dinner 2017

Help give the gift of education! You’re invited to a relaxing, entertaining and informative evening to raise much needed funds to improve living conditions in rural western Tanzania. Katoke Trust’s main project is the construction and operation of Katoke-Lweru Secondary School. In 2017, building activities including further dormitories, staff accommodation and a set of classrooms … Continue reading 20th Katoke Annual Benefit Dinner 2017