Meet the Staff: Johnesia Audakis, Cleaner

Meet Johnesia –

Johnesia came to KLSS in 2016, starting work as a gardener before moving across the football field (literally) to the kitchen and dining hall where she now, proudly keeps things neat and tidy. She walks for about an hour each day from her home in Kimbugu village to arrive at KLSS by 8am to start work. Johnesia’s day consist of a rotation around the kitchen and dining areas where she straightens tables, sweeps, wipes, smiles and generally makes her surroundings a brighter place to hang out. After work, at around 4pm, 6 days a week, Johnesia walks home and continues work as Mother for her 4 children and 1 step-child. Her husband helps her run the household as well as their two oldest children who are students at nearby Mjumba Secondary School.

What are the best things about working at KLSS ?

Earning a good wage. She was very happy to explain the benefits of being employed locally at KLSS. Her job has helped her clothe, feed educate and build a better life for her family. She loves coming to work each day to see her fellow staff, teachers, students with whom she has developed countless friendships. It is these friendships that offer her and her Katoke colleagues a vital support network in a part of the world where common hardships can be quickly isolating.

What are the biggest challenges for you ?

It was clear when we enquired about the challenges of daily life that Johnesia is quite contented with her situation. Although she faces common challenges such as access to education, food and medical care, she didn’t express any specific difficulty. The only potential challenge for her was to ensure the security of her job and continue to provide for her family.

What are your dreams for the future ?

To build a house of her very own and ensure her children get a good quality education.  

In Tanzania a family can build a brick home for around AU$10,000 – A fractional sum by Australian standards but a lifelong dream for her.

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