Can I leave a gift to Katoke in my will?

Yes! When creating your Will, firstly provide for family and friends, and then consider whether you can also include a gift to Katoke. See our Fundraising page for details.

What is the place of Katoke like?

Katoke and indeed Tanzania as a whole, is a safe and peaceful place with relatively little conflict and has a Christian and Muslim mix. Most villagers are caught in the poverty trap, and without assistance, have no way out. Population/ Language: Tanzania has a population of 56 million people that speak Kiswahili, a little bit of English … Continue reading What is the place of Katoke like?

Where is Katoke?

Katoke is located in North Western Tanzania in a region where Tanzania neighbours Rwanda and Uganda. Katoke is a generic term applied to a collection of small villages covering about 10,000 people. It gives its name to the adjacent government teachers college campus. It is located in the Muleba District, part of the Kagera Region … Continue reading Where is Katoke?