Form one entrance exams 2023

Eager to join Katoke!

Recently the school was flooded with eager standard seven students (Equivalent to Year 6 in NSW) to sit the entrance exam to join Katoke in 2024, for Form 1 their first year of secondary school. (equivalent to Year 7 in NSW.)

As Katoke is now known as a light house school and a Christian private school in the Region, well resourced, with exceptional Bible teaching, with great classrooms and equipment, with good teachers and a great reputation for doing well in the National exams, students are keen to do well and be accepted into the school.

Students and their parents crammed into queues keen to register and sit the exam in preparation for limited places to be announced.

Due to increased interest in the school, other exam centres have been set up across the region allowing many other students to sit the entrance exam and register their interest and vie for a place at Katoke school.

Katoke Lweru Secondary School is looking forward to welcoming a new Form 1 in 2024.

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