What are the best ways I can communicate with my sponsored student?

Students love to write and receive letters from their sponsors. Students are encouraged to write once per term to their sponsor. The letters help to develop stronger relationships with the student you support.

The sponsorship committee is happy and prefers to facilitate the exchange of letters rather than students and sponsors communicating directly. This helps to protect sponsors from receiving unsolicited or inappropriate requests, protects sponsor’s personal details, and also allows for letters to be interpreted or translated where necessary. We also ask sponsors to avoid contact via social media such as facebook, which can be unhelpful for students living in a very different place.

We prefer that physical or monetary gifts are not exchanged with the students. The gift of sponsorship is already a substantial gift that can radically improve the prospects for a student and their family. When resources are limited, we would prefer to offer more students the chance for sponsorship. Gift giving can also contribute to social (e.g. jealousy or theft), administrative reasons (e.g. costs of sending gifts), or cultural issues (e.g. appropriateness of gifts).