Board composition

Board composition – Our people come from all walks of life and are the energy and soul behind our organisation. They run our events, maintain our website, balance our books and help guide the future of our organisation. The committees shown in our organisational structure are made up of Doctors, Teachers, Professors, Accountants, Journalists, Tradesmen, Engineers, Pilots and more, all working towards one goal.

The Katoke Trust in Australia consists of:

– the executive management committee which meets atleast bi-monthly.

– 7 sub committees (building, medical and agricultural, education, sponsorship, fundraising and communications, youth, finance) which meet bi-monthly.

– a supporter base of more than 1,000 donors, sponsors and other stakeholders.

Our structure is cost effective – we are small, grass roots organisation run entirely by volunteers so that virtually 100% of funds raised by the Trust goes to Katoke projects on the ground in Tanzania.


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